Continente Modelo of Porto de Mós

A unique store with a truly innovative solution

The Modelo Continente of Porto de Mós has a unique store with a truly innovative solution designed by RACE, with a refrigeration central with the use of multi-injector of liquid and steam (320KW) and integrating the installation of Ventilation and Air Conditioning with the expansion CO2 in the batteries of the air treatment units. This shop is part of the European MULTIPACK project which aims to introduce CO2 technology in the countries of southern Europe as an alternative to fluorinated gases, including the integration of HVAC and Refrigeration. With the introduction of these new, more energy-efficient units, we seek to reduce specific energy consumption by more than 25%. RACE confirms and reinforces its leadership in the development and application of integrated solutions of high efficiency in the Market!


You can find out more about the Multipack project at