RACE revolutionizes the market

The Integrated Waterloop

The Continente Bom Dia Matosinhos Retail Park (in Perafita) has been inaugurated, a pioneering landmark in Re-frigeration and Air Conditioning engineering.

In this space, RACE designed and executed the first installation to use a new technology which integrates Refrigera-tion, HVAC and the Building Efficiency via the RACE management system, which monitors and supervises the differ-ent technical installations, namely the cooling system, air conditioning system, electric power management, water management, domestic hot water (DHW), smoke extraction and fire dampers.

This integrated system, featuring a streamlined and flexible layout, offers high performance and efficiency, reducing the amount of space required in the building for technical areas.

Waterloop technology is environmentally-friendly, featuring inverter compression and water condensation, which reduces the refrigeration system’s refrigerant load by more than 80% when compared to a traditional installation, resulting in a high COP rating of up to 5.

The dry-cooler, chiller and the water condensation ring, with variable flow common to refrigeration and HVAC, guarantee system stability, operating within the tolerance of the maximum performance/minimum cost ratio.

Focused on small and medium-sized supermarkets, this solution reduces installation time and ensures a high level of serviceability, which is decisive during operation.

With more than a year of R&D invested in this solution, the different system components and their integration were tested in our laboratory, RACE Lab, before being installed on site.

National engineering and technological innovation, our identity and an exclusive RACE product for our customers.

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