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RACE provides maintenance and technical support in the areas of Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and Building Efficiency.

These services are provided by qualified technicians, with years of proven experience in maintenance, operation and repair.

RACE currently has maintenance contracts in several market segments, namely industry, distribution, hypermarkets, hospitals, hotels and large-scale office and services buildings.

All of our services are supervised and monitored by engineers who are also the customer’s preferred representa-tive.

As examples, we can highlight the following preventive and corrective maintenance performed on equipment and systems:

• HVAC - Chiller, Air Handling Units, Rooftop, Cooling Towers, Fan Convectors, Split Units, etc.

• Refrigeration - Cold Storage, Cold Rooms, Walls, Islands, Showcases, Furniture, Ice Machines, etc.

• Building Efficiency - centralized technical management (CTM), energy monitoring systems, electric switchboards, energy meters, controllers, etc.



    RACE has maintenance technicians with the following certifications:

    • TIM III - Installation and Maintenance Technician ≥ 100kW (DL 58/2013)

    • TIM II - Installation and Maintenance Technician • Group A Technicians - Refrigerant gas handling (DL 152/2005; DL 35/2008)

    • Group B Technicians - Refrigerant gas handling (DL 152/2005; DL 35/2008)

    • Group C Technicians - Refrigerant gas handling (DL 152/2005; DL 35/2008)

    • Fluorinated Gas Technicians (CERTIF) - Refrigerant gas handling (DL 56/2011)

    • Gas Technicians - Gas Technician License (DL 263/89)


  • Structure and scope:

    RACE currently has a team of 75 maintenance technicians and 70 vehicles fully equipped with all the means and tools required.

    RACE has branches in five different locations across Portugal, guaranteeing national coverage and ensuring that we can respond quickly and effectively to requests for assistance.



    • LISBON



  • Call center:

    The RACE Operational Center was born from the desire to offer our customers an innovative service that focuses on their real needs.

    Our remote technical assistance service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (808 103 103), meaning that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently.

    The fact that we own our call center and it is not a subcontracted service, gives us full control over our service and ensures we can offer real technical problem-solving capability remotely, either over the phone or via the internet via the Building Efficiency systems of the corresponding facilities.

    To this end, RACE specialized technicians are always available to our customers and are focused on maintaining customer installations with the best energy optimization, guaranteeing their operation in accordance with the required quality standards.



    RACE has its own equipment and tools to clean and disinfect aeraulic systems.

    We also have the tools to carry out a detailed preliminary inspection inside the ducts, using a robot equipped with video camera.