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We are a business that integrates design, manufacture and assembly of refrigeration plants and electric cabinets for powering and managing the most diverse systems, integrating commercial and industrial installations.


  • Capacity, reliability and versatility

    We have proven capacity, reliability and versatility in the provision of solutions to a wide variety of power outputs.

    We design, manufacture and thoroughly test our Electrical Boards in-house, so that their on-site installation and commissioning is as quick as possible, demonstrating maximum compliance.

    We supply cold production plants for a wide variety of food distribution brands in the national and international market.

    In such critical operations, we take our responsibility for our customer’s businesses very seriously.

    From a starting point of robustness, reliability and safety, we have always accepted the challenge of developing new products that reach the most exacting standards for environmental regulation, use of gases and consumption optimization.

    The future of cold production for commercial and industrial plants is guaranteed by RACE’s innovative national engineering.