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Arrabida Hospital

Heating and cooling and ventilation system for Arrabida Hospital

  • Area HVAC
  • Site Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
  • Client LUZ SAUDE
  • Description

    Luz Arrabida Hospital is located in a detached eight-floor building attached to the Arrabida Shopping Centre, featuring a covered service area of around 13,200 m². 

    It is equipped with redundant systems which provide the building with the highest levels of safety. Fitted with the necessary technical and safety installations, the building complies with the parameters required by the legislation in force (operating licence nº 1/2013 issued by ARSN).

    Luz Arrabida Hospital features 51 doctor´s offices, 7 operating rooms and respective recovery rooms (conventional and outpatient), a maternity department with a C-section room, two delivery rooms, a neonatal care unit, an intensive care unit, a hospital admission unit and a diagnostic centre.

    An undertaking of great responsibility which attests to the capacities of RACE (SISTAVAC at the time) in sharing its goals in relation to quality, reliability and the safety of our clients.

    Award of contract / Length - Nov 2008 / 14 months and Aug 2016 / 6 months

    - Installation of a heating and cooling system

    - Installation of a ventilation and smoke extraction system

    - Centralized Technical Management

    - Associated Electrical Installations